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There Is Blame
May 5, 2011, 4:21 pm
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Grassroots Liberals are now being urged to assign no blame to the recent devastating election results.  Very convenient.  I hope they don’t listen.  What is needed in the Liberal Party is a grassroots revolution.  And you don’t have a revolution without removing those currently holding power.

In December of 2008 we had a caucus gone rogue.  We also had a devious leadership camp that used this caucus to by-pass the will of the grassroots.  There was a mechanism in place to check this, though – the Executive.  The caucus believed we needed a permanent leader (their word, not mind) and so they wanted Ignatieff appointed.  And the Executive caved in.  They consulted the leadership of the Liberal Party to ensure they were in support but they never consulted with the membership, and there were mechanisms for them to this quickly and cheaply.  It was a dark day for the Liberal Party.  As upset as I was that the elites of our party would so blatantly trample upon the rights of the grassroots, I was also depressed that the grassroots just let it happen.

But this is reflective of what the Liberal Party is at its core.  It is an elitist party.  If it is to survive it must shed that and become a truly grassroots party.  Those who thought it was perfectly legitimate to anoint the next leader of the Liberal Party are indeed to be blamed … and removed.

On October 15, 2009 I wrote:

“Either the Liberal Party will reform itself into a grassroots party or it will cease to exist as a potent, political force in Canada.”

There’s nothing I wish for more for the Liberal Party then for it to have a grassroots revolution.  It is the only way to reform the party.  Do it!  You have to.  If you do not then the Liberal Party will cease to exist as a potent, political force in Canada.  It’s already half way down that path.  There is blame to be assigned and the grassroots needs to take back the power that rightfully belongs to them.  If some people were more honourable resignations would be forthcoming.  But accountability isn’t what it used to be.  So, grassroots, take the control!


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