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Hmmm… and Hurray!
May 2, 2011, 11:03 pm
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I must admit that my stomach sinks a little as I look at the results.  However, there is good news.  First, Ignatieff will almost certainly lose is riding.  What  a relief!  Who in their right mind thought this guy was charismatic and had any political instinct?  He was totally unappealing even to Liberals.  Second, the Liberals will finish in third, hurray!  I’m happy about this because I believe it is the only result that can teach the Liberals a lesson.  The fact that the Liberal elites forced Ignatieff down our throats without a leadership race PROVES how out of touch the Liberal Party is.  Only a near-death experience is going to make Liberals understand they DO NOT represent Canadian values.  They’ll find that hard to believe, but the election will finally show them this is factually true.  Canadians waited for the Liberal Party to reform, and it didn’t.  Ignatieff was really the last straw.  Will the Liberal Party now reform itself?  I’m really unsure.  Ignatieff’s defeat helps a great deal, because if he had stayed around it NEVER would have happened.  But I’m not sure that even near annihilation is enough to shake up the Liberals to rebuild the party.  There are definitely some who understand this, and have for a while.  But the broader leadership of the Party is OUT OF TOUCH.


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