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Canadians Don’t Like Ignatieff
April 29, 2011, 10:02 am
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The debates marked roughly the half-way point of this campaign.  Prior to those debates Ignatieff’s Liberals were polling around 29% and were basically stuck there.  That’s three percentage points higher than the previous election.  That makes it seem good, but using a broader comparison than just one election one can see these are massively below previous lows for the Liberal Party.  Then the debates happened.  This is an important event, because the Ignatieff team always believed that pre-writ polls were low because the Conservatives defined Ignatieff and in an election he could show voters his true self.  That’s why they went into an election at a time that made absolutely no sense for the Liberals.  The debates were the best opportunity for Ignatieff to show his true self to Canadians.  From the debates forward there has been a slow and steady decline in Liberal support.  So now Canadians have spoken, and they don’t like Ignatieff – not at all.


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