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Just Die Already
April 27, 2011, 4:59 pm
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As Liberals begin to realize their fate some of them are protesting that 3rd party status is not a good place to rebuild the party from.  They’re right.  That may seem contradictory to my previous post, but it isn’t.  Near annihilation means the party is as likely to become irrelevant, if not non-existent, as it is to successfully rebuild.  In the past the Liberal Party has always rebuilt from the position of Official Opposition, a much easier task.  However, the modern Liberal Party has proven itself incapable of rebuilding from this position.  Ignatieff himself is partial proof of that.  Can you imagine a modern political party in the western hemisphere forcing an unlikeable, uncharismatic individual into the position of leader of the party without any input from its membership?  Never mind that on far too many core issues he stands opposed to the values of most of its members.  Its unthinkable.  It also proves that the only shake up that might finally force Liberals to rebuild is near annihilation.  Go off into the desert and figure out why the majority of progressives in this country no longer support the Liberal Party.  And if the Liberal Party can’t figure it out, truly figure it out, then just die in the desert, because that might just be the best thing for progressives in Canada.


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