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It Is All Unfolding
April 25, 2011, 8:43 am
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I said before that the Liberal Party was on the path to cease to be a serious political force in this country.  Maybe now some are realizing it.

By the way, I took the Angus Reid political personality survey; here are my results:

Based on your answers about political engagement and values, your political personality falls into the Crushed Hope Citizens.

As a member of this group, your views are closer to the left than the right. However, you voice serious doubts on the ability of political parties to represent your interests in an honest and effective manner. Half of the people in this group say they will vote for the candidate they dislike the least in the next federal election, and most of them believe the country is currently on the wrong track. Most of these respondents will support the Liberals, the NDP or the Greens in this year’s ballot.

So for those dumbasses who labelled me a Conservative, you’re part of the problem with the Liberal Party!  Oh, and my plan is to sit on my hands come election day.  The Liberal Party has taken my vote for granted for far too long.  Shoving Ignatieff down our throats without a vote was the last straw me!


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