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Liberals Fine If Science Minister Doesn’t Believe In Evolution
March 18, 2009, 10:30 am
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The Liberal science critic, Marc Garneau, has stated that believing in evolution is not a job requirement to be the Minister of Science.

“It is a personal matter. It is a matter of faith…. I don’t think it prevents someone from being a good minister.”

Actually, it does matter.  Sure, you can have whatever beliefs you want.  You can believe bilingualism is a waste of money, but then you probably shouldn’t be the Minister that oversees Official Languages.  You can believe policies that promote multiculturalism are a mistake, but then you probably shouldn’t be the Minister that oversees Multiculturalism.  (Of course the exception to these would be if the government is officially opposed to bilingualism and multiculturalism.)  Likewise, if you are going to be the Minister of Science you probably should believe in the basic tenants of science, of which evolution of the species is one – a very important one that is backed up by actual proof.

Frankly, I don’t understand the Liberal position on this.  I know Ignatieff has made it clear he wants to woo Evangelical Christians, typically associated with the Christian Right, and has put Liberal MP John McKay in charge of outreach efforts for this purpose.  But at what expense?  A Minister of Science should believe in science!


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Ignatieff’s American influence causes him to believe the key to electoral success is winning the Christian right. Step by step he is reshaping the Liberal party to reflect his neoconservative values.

Comment by Anonymous

Frankly, I don’t understand the Liberal position on this.

Look up what the DLC in the US recommended to John Kerry during the 2004 elections, and Gore+Lieberman in the 2000 elections, and tried to convince Obama to do unsuccessfully in the 2008 elections.

Basically Iggy is playing the DLC playbook in Canada, which basically translates into “the left will vote for you regardless, so you may as well play to the right.” Which, in the US’s two party system made some sense if you ignored the fact that a lot of people basically stopped voting because they didn’t like either party.

In Canada, with the NDP as a wildcard, it could have a variety of effects, including turning the federal political scene into something reminicent of BC’s Lib/NDP split, or Australia’s Liberal/Labour split.

Comment by MrvnMouse

Do you have a link for that quote?

Comment by MrvnMouse

Sorry, I got up early and was busy most of the day. But I see that you found it. I thought I linked it in my post, but my mistake.

Comment by 1anxiousliberal

Iggy wants to reach out to Evangelicals like me? Fine, but if he’s going to pander to me by not disclosing his views on evolution, then I don’t think a lot of Christians will buy into it.

Comment by DTBM

I’ll say it again I don’t like the direction my liberal party is going. It no longer appears to be the grassroots party more the party of

Comment by JMR

Do you think Marc Garneau would have been comfortable with the head of the Canadian Space Agency not believing in the theory of gravity? There is something seriously wrong in this country when a “matter of faith” can be used to excuse incompetence.

Comment by Beijing York

B.Y.: I made that exact analogy on my blog post regarding this: http://www.1337hax0r.com/2009/03/18/liberal-pandering-to-the-religious-right/

Comment by MrvnMouse

I agree MrvnMouse, the Liberals are taking the left vote for granted at their peril. They are gambling that a move to the right will help them win the next election, but I think they are dead wrong. If the distinction between the neoCons and the neoLibs begins to blur, there will be only one way to vote for change and that will be the NDP.

Comment by LMA

What the heck is happening to the Liberal party under Ignatieff? I almost always vote Liberal. Maybe I should be reconsidering!

Comment by Anonymous

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